Moving to Breda?

Got accepted to study at BUas and do not know where to start from when you arrive? Kerli is an international student at BUas, and shares some valuable tips to help ease your transition.

Here are some tips and tricks for an international student coming to study in Breda. Hopefully, this guide will help to settle down, get through the first overwhelming emotions and start a new and exciting chapter in your life.  

Public Transportation

Upon arrival, get an understanding of the Dutch public transport system. For the first time, buy a one-time ticket, but for regular travel, consider ordering personal OV-chipcard. This card offers student deals and convenient travel subscriptions, making it cost-effective for your daily travels.


If you are staying in Breda longer than 6 months, registering as a citizen is a must. For the social security number (BSN), you can turn to the municipality of Breda (Gemeente Breda) to make an appointment. Read more:

Rental Allowance

Explore the possibility of applying for a rental allowance (huurtoeslag) to help cover part of your rent expenses. However, that depends on your income and amount of rent you pay. Read more about it here:

Job Opportunities

Many students seek part-time work next to their studies. Start your job hunt by checking the regularly updated job listings on the Breda University of Applied Sciences Student Portal. Alternatively, recruitment agencies like Recruit a Student or direct visits to companies may yield job opportunities. Keep in mind that having Dutch public health insurance and a BSN is mandatory for employment.


Explore various stores for your shopping needs. For groceries, Albert Heijn, Lidl, Aldi, and Jumbo are popular choices, offering discounts through customer cards / accounts. Local food markets ( and the "Too Good To Go" app provide opportunities for discounted groceries. For other items like clothing, furniture, or electronics, visit stores like Action, thrift shops (kringloop), IKEA, or use websites like Vinted, or Marktplaats for student-friendly prices.

Activities in Breda

Embrace the vibrant city life in Breda. Discover cozy cafes, restaurants, lively bars, and clubs in the city center. Explore the city through the lens of art (Blind Walls gallery paintings), attend local events (e.g. Erasmus Social Network), join university clubs (e.g. cooking or Vintage Game Night clubs), or participate in sports activities (e.g. Bress, which has special discount for students)