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Resilience of creative companies

The recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus have shown that being able to cope with change is more than ever an important entrepreneurial competence. The creative industry is an indispensable link in providing answers to major social issues and offering meaningful meaning to new technological possibilities.

The researchers want to gain insight into the factors that determine to what extent and in what way companies in the digital creative industry continue to grow. There are many start-ups in this sector. But many companies have a short lifespan or remain small. Few companies continue to grow and acquire a solid position in the international market. Why is that and can we help companies that want to grow?
The digital creative sector is an important sector for the Dutch economy that is undergoing a stormy development. Examples are companies engaged in entertainment games or serious gaming. But also, companies that offer creative services or products with Virtual and Augmented Reality, such as a virtual museum. There is remarkably little organizational research into companies in this sector.
The emphasis in the research is on 'resilience' - the ability to cope with difficult or threatening factors. The Corona pandemic is an obvious example. Some seize their opportunities and transform. Others go under. This is especially true for the digital creative industry.

The project, with a duration of two years, will consist of three phases:
First of all, existing models for measuring resilience are adapted through literature research, group discussions and in-depth interviews. Subsequently, the resulting model is used for a large-scale quantitative study. The results are analyzed to develop an online benchmark tool. Finally, in year 2 of the project, on the basis of a literature study into successful HRM intervention methods, instruments will be developed to improve resilience. This includes self-assessment instruments, training and strategy sessions.


September 2021 – August 2023


The research project 'VEVECI – Strengthening Resilience in the Creative Industry' is made possible by a research grant (260 thousand euros) from the NWO/SIA RAAK-mkb programme. Various companies and organizations in the sector are partners in the project.