Digital Transformation in Cultural Tourism

Professor: Jessika Weber Sabil
Research topic: to investigate the application of digital realities within the realm of cultural tourism


The objective of the Digital Transformation in Cultural Tourism (DTCT) professorship is to investigate the application of digital realities, including augmented, virtual, mixed realities, and participative (game) techniques, within the realm of cultural tourism.

In doing so, the professorship aims to promote inclusivity, social engagement, sustainability, historical preservation, educational opportunities, and economic development for local communities, tourism businesses, and individuals. The ultimate goal is to revitalise public spaces, heritage sites, and tourism destinations by leveraging digital technologies.

Central topics within this professorship focus on, but are not limited to:

  • Closing the digital skills gap and combat digital literacy among cultural, creative and tourism professionals grounded in the life-long-learning-approach through digital skills development, high-quality training and (adult) education using didactical engagement techniques such as playful interaction and gamification, eLearning platforms and interactive and immersive digital experiences, and storytelling and other experiential learning methods
  • Creating Digital Cultural Heritage Experiences that expand traditional heritage preservation, restoration, and conservation. Challenges will entail the development of digital narratives and content for immersive and augmented experiences and make culture and heritage sites and cultural routes, museums, and historical locations more accessible for local communities as well as tourists.
  • Contributing to digital policy making and digital transformation of an inclusive society in which technology boost personal and collective developments, promote sustainable transitions, and create innovative and democratic digital tools accessible to everyone. To make that happen, the professorship engages in projects, expert talks, and public engagement to further societal participation and dialogues around power relations, ethics, societal impact of technology in cultural tourism.

The cross-disciplinary research group consists out of:

  • Professor Jessika Weber Sabil
  • Licia Calvi
  • Celiane Camargo-Borges
  • Frederike van Ouwerkerk
  • Puspita Ayu Permatasari
  • Corné Dijkmans
  • Lobke Elbers
  • Rose de Vrieze McBean
  • Tomas Mainil