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In the E-Lab, first-year students of the Tourism Management programme set out to work on online applications. They develop a mock-up for a tourism app, create content such as a 360˚ film, an infographic, and an animation video. They conduct online research and make social media analyses. Students experience how easy it is, in fact, to work with online tools. They also experience how important online tools are to share information and get in touch with customers.

Some examples of issues:
  • How do you give online information to tourists?
  • How do tourists perceive online tools?
  • How do you create engagement via social media?
  • How do you learn more about tourists by means of online tools?

Discover Your World

Learning on location, learning about the destination and getting to know other cultures is an important part of the degree programme. Of course, this is not something you will do in the lecture halls and classrooms. BUas has an extensive international network, offering you plenty of opportunties to gain experience abroad. Just think of a placement, field trips or exchange programme abroad.  

With the help of lecturers and local stakeholders in the tourism and recreation industry you will get to know the destination from different perspectives. After all, you will not only go to the destination as a visitor and tourist, but also as a professional in the making. You will get acquainted with a culture that you may not be really familiar with and you will get to work with the knowledge thus obtained.  

The field trip in the first year of study takes place in various European destinations. In the second year you will also go to countries outside Europe. Alternatives in the Netherlands will always be offered too. The field trips are co-organised by the in-school training company. Students doing their minor at our in-school training company Newways run the Newways Traveldesk and organise field trips, conferences and events.  

Tourism Impact Lab

In the Tourism Impact Lab, all fourth-year students work together with leading companies from the tourism industry and lecturers on problems or issues presented by industry.

Students work on an impactful solution to the problem or issue. As a result of commissioners being closely involved in this learning community, we closely connect students and companies. Examples of major industry clients are TUI and Transavia, but also small start-ups take part, such as Travel Diaries and Breakzy.

Daniek started working with Design Thinking in the Tourism Impact Lab. Read what it brought her.



Each academic year, a group of some 15 students are in charge of running Newways, the training company of the Tourism Management programme.

It is through the Newways Traveldesk that BUas employees can easily arrange travel and accommodation when going abroad for BUas. And Newways has more to offer. Students doing their minor at Newways also organise field trips, conferences and events, such as the BUas Congresstival, the Industry Day, the IGAD Showcase of the Games programme, and the Reiswerk Travel Challenge. In this way, students learn to run a business in the tourism, travel and conference industry!

Curious to know more? In this BUas Story, Nikki Scheffer - fourth-year student of Tourism Management - talks about her experience with Newways.