Moving to the Netherlands

This is what you need to arrange

Overwhelmed? No worries!

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands to study? If so, you have probably been searching through many sites to see what you need to arrange — feel overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you!
In our brand-new YouTube series, BUas student Mia sets out to answer the most frequently asked questions from prospective international students. Ticking boxes like accommodation, visa, student grants and loans, side jobs and many more. So, grab a drink and get comfortable, because after binging this series of videos, you will be ready to pack your suitcase and whisk yourself off to Holland.

Meet Mia

Mia is a BUas student from Iceland. She takes you on a trip along things you need - or want - to know before moving to the Netherlands.

Meet Mia here and join her on her trip.

Mia helps you out!

Pre-study portal



How to finance your study

Working in The Netherlands


Erasmus Student Network

Municipality of Breda and Dutch bank

Public Transport



Breda Student City

Even more to know

There's a lot more for you to know. Not only about the topics above, but also about other topics like your application status, the introduction event at the start of the academic year, and Breda as a student city. 

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