For Dutch applicants:

  • Due to developments with the coronavirus, Breda University of Applied Sciences will adopt a flexible attitude towards the intake of hbo students who have fallen or will fall behind in their studies. The higher education sector is in the process of establishing agreements on this matter. Keep an eye on the messages on this page.

For international applicants:

  • The conoravirus situation may make it impossible for you to deliver requested documents (diploma or English test results) in time. Please read the FAQs on the coronavirus info page to check out the possibilities

Application procedure

You have decided on a course of study, now it’s time for you to apply.

Application for this master’s programme will be open until 15 August officially.

According to Dutch law, non-EU students are unfortunately not permitted to attend a part-time or executive degree programme in the Netherlands. Do you have questions about the permission or are you doubting if you are permitted to join the programme? Please send an e-mail to

Application steps

  • Step 1: Enrolment application via Studielink
  • Step 2: Apply via My Online Application
  • Step 3: Complete your enrolment; payment of tuition fee

Step 1: Enrolment application via Studielink

You are to apply through Studielink, the application and enrolment portal provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Education. 

You can track the status of your application on your personal Studielink page and in the progress overview in My online application.

Step 2: Apply via the My Online Application

Once you have submitted your Studielink enrolment, you will receive an email inviting you to follow up on your Studielink enrolment by applying in My Online Application.

In My Online Application you will be requested to answer additional questions and to upload your application documents; CV, Motivation letter, ID, your bachelor documents including transcript of records or a transcript of records with you latest results / overview in case you still need to obtain your bachelor diploma. Once the admissions officer has checked your educational background, you will receive an invitation for an intake interview with the programme coordinator.

Intake interview

The intake interview is used to determine if you meet the relevant criteria (which are mentioned below). The following subjects will be dealt with during the intake interview:

  • Previous education
  • Relevant work experience and network in the events industry
  • Current/ future job (needed for the duration of the programme)
  • Knowledge of the events industry
  • Prior research experience (research methods and techniques, abstract and critical thinking skills)Motivation for ‘Events Management’
  • Personal profile
  • Communication/collaboration skills

The final decision is based upon the performance during the interview where the following elements are scored:


  • Being employed in the events industry for minimally 2 days per week (job or traineeship) for the duration of the programme.

Insufficient / sufficient score on:

  • Possess knowledge of the events industry.
  • Have gained relevant work experience.
  • Proven research skills at a bachelor level (research methods and techniques, abstract and critical thinking skills).
  • Have a well-founded motivation for ‘Events Management’.

An applicant needs to have a job in the events industry for the duration of the programme and a sufficient score on all 4 points mentioned above. The Programme coordinator and co-assessor discuss your portfolio as well as performance during the intake interview in order to make the final decision. Within 3 weeks after the intake interview you will be informed whether or not you are admitted to the programme.  

BUas will create a waiting list once the maximum of 20 students are admitted. If places fall free, whatever the reason, candidates on the waiting list will be allowed into the master in chronological order. If the student is allowed into the programme, the applicant will receive an official admission e-mail. In case of conditional admission, you will be requested to upload your bachelor diploma documents and/or English test results in a later stage in My Online Application.

Step 3: Complete your enrolment; payment of tuition fee

In order to complete your enrolment, you need to confirm your digital authorisation or pay your tuition fee. More information about payment of tuition fee.

We will keep in touch

During the entire application, selection and registration procedure, we will keep in touch with you through email. Please make sure you read and respond to the instructions in time. You can track the status of your admission in My Online Application.
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