Special features Leisure & Events Management

Minor in Esports Event & Media Management

This minor programme will enable Leisure & Events students to get to know this relatively new industry as insiders. The minor started in September 2019.

Growing industry worldwide

Esports is growing worldwide. The game industry (to which esports belongs) is the largest entertainment industry in the world. Market analyst Newzoo predicts global gaming industry revenues of $ 159.3 billion by 2020. Popular esports events are Rotterdam Games Week (Dreamhack Rotterdam), Tweakers Gaming Live, Dutch Comic Con, CampZone and Frag-o-Matic. In Europe, bachelor’s programmes in the field of esports management were already launched in Finland, France and the United Kingdom. BUas is the first education institute in the Netherlands that trains esports professionals.   

Learning community

BUas has embedded the minor programme in a learning community in which students, knowledge institutes and companies exchange knowledge and develop new innovations. The esports industry is playing an important role as a partner in this learning community. 

Topics you will work on

In this minor you will work on the following topics: 

  • Concepting and Imagineering 
  • Experience Design 
  • Event Management 
  • Research 
  • Business Modelling 
  • Marketing and Branding 
  • Media Design 
  • Law (related to esports) 

More information on this minor can be found on the website Kies op Maat.



Do you like to find your own way into professional life, instead of being told what to focus on in specific courses? Performatory supports your development by challenging you to learn while doing. It is a dynamic learning environment of social innovators who love to explore the unknown future. Performatory! Why not?  

Worldwide societal challenges

There is a growing need for societal change. At both the local and the global level we see increasing challenges like growing inequality, increasing poverty, pollution, and loss of biodiversity. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 point these challenges out clearly. And, of course, there are already thousands of initiatives worldwide contributing to address these by creating new alliances between people, organisations, cities and countries. The world needs more, and fast. The world needs you if you dare to address these challenges anew.

Social Innovation

Within Performatory, you can step into the three-year Social Innovation specialisation programme offering you the chance to ‘become social innovator’ yourself, connected to your field of interest.   

You can do so both inside and outside the field of leisure such as sports, theatres, museums and festivals as well for care institutions, not-for-profit organisations, governments and businesses (like social enterprises). You will mostly work at the interface of several sectors.   

Your insights can be used to create support base among all involved: residents, businesses and organisations, respecting everybody knowledge and skills that to finding a useful solution and strengthening a sense of community. 

 Lecturer Youp Selen and student Anne van den Broek will tell you more about Performatory.

Storytelling & Experiences

Stories are a way to captivate and connect people. With stories you can add strength to a leisure experience, giving people an unforgettable memory. 

In the minor in Storytelling & Experiences you will put this skill to use for commisioners from the industry. In the minor Storytelling & Experiences, you will be working on real-life assignments. Former students have, for example, worked on experience concepts or storylines for clients, such as Europa-Park, the largest amusement park in Germany, the Van Gogh Brabant foundation and Loevestein Castle, a castle full of stories in Poederoijen. 

Storytelling Factory

It is a broad minor. In the Storytelling Factory you work on different projects at the same time. Some are related to marketing and communication, others to concept development, storytelling or experience design. You conduct research and work towards a professional product, like a marketing plan, communication plan, storyline, experience concept, etc.

A source of inspiration are the master classes in which BUas researchers talk about their most recent projects and research assignments.