BUas Games alumnus Matthijs van de Laar

After your bachelor

After successful completion of Creative Media and Game Technologies degree programme you are entitled to the degree of Bachelor of Science.

Your career

After your graduation you can decide whether to find a job or carry on studying - at master's level.

Get a job

You most likely start in assistant's positions and work your way up to higher positions, such as lead designer, lead programmer, art director or producer, to name a few.  

Portfolio market

The games industry has an urgent need for high-quality specialists. When you enter the labour market, you will see that employers are not so much interested in degrees, but in practical results.  
When applying for a job, you could be selected based on the portfolio which you will compile throughout your study. 

Career examples 

Alternative careers for programmers 

  • Companies involved in Virtual Reality 
  • Companies which visualise data and have a need for creative technicians 
  • Simulations (such as driving simulations) 
  • Companies developing products for medical applications 

Alternative opportunities for visual artists 

  • Agencies that specialise in visualisation, such as architecture 
  • Animation studios 
  • Film and television productions 
  • Advertising agencies

Alternative opportunities for Design & Production 

  • Game journalism 
  • Game criticism 
  • Positions in interactive / branching story writing 
  • Production roles in any digital media industry 
Obtain a Master's Degree

The Bachelor Programme Master Game Technology offers good transfer opportunities to (inter)national master programmes in the field of gaming. 

Master Game Technology 

Once you have graduated, Breda University of Applied Sciences offers you the opportunity of following a one-year master's degree programme in Game Technology. With its technological approach, the Master Game Technology addresses this qualitative need: rather than concept development, it focuses on finding (innovative) solutions to (technical) problems encountered by students in the professional field. This also ties in with the international context in which the programme has been designed. 

For more information, visit the pages of the Master Game Technology

Master Media Innovation

Breda University of Applied Sciences also offers you the opportunity of following a one-year master's degree programme in Media Innovation. The Master Media Innovation is an international programme in the field of digital media. The programme has a unique, multidisciplinary approach. It will train young media professionals to acquire analytical skills, teach them to look beyond the surface of digital media and to distinguish crucial digital processes. Not only that: it will equip them with the ability to transform analytical insights into tomorrow’s media products.

For more information, visit the pages of the Master Media Innovation.