Reflecting on the success of our KreativEU event

We are pleased to reflect on the international event hosted at BUas from 16 to 19 June 2024. This KreativEU gathering was a success, characterised by enriching discussions and engaging activities. 

  • Global engagement

Participants immersed themselves in thought-provoking topics such as sustainability and artificial intelligence, gaining fresh insights and sparking lively debates. Beyond the discussions, attendees enjoyed a bike ride along the Blind Walls gallery and a tour of ‘the Notre Dame de Breda’ (Marieke Wiegel, Director De Grote Kerk in Breda), blending intellectual engagement with cultural exploration.

This event has not only strengthened our ties within the KreativEU network but also showcased BUas as a hub of innovation and collaboration. It was a celebration of European cultural heritage in education, research, and knowledge sharing. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event’s success. We look forward to continuing this journey of collaboration and excellence with KreativEU.