Multatuli lecture, Avans and BUas have sealed their cooperation

On Thursday 8 December, Stichting Multatuli Lezing, BUas and Avans Hogeschool got together in Breda Castle to ratify their cooperation.

By signing the covenant, the two educational institutions recorded their commitment to the student programme up to and including 2025 of Stichting Multatuli Lezing. 

Following Multatuli's plea for the value of human rights, democracy and peace, Stichting Multatuli Lezing (Multatuli Lecture Foundation) organises the Multatuli Lecture every two years. To connect young people with Multatuli's body of thought, activities are organised for students every year. What’s more, every year, the Multatuli Student Award is presented to a student whose bachelor’s thesis best dealt with Multatuli's themes. Pupils are invited to participate in special education projects.

The activities of Stichting Multatuli Lezing seek to enable young people to learn from stories about how injustice can be reversed and peace has to be conquered. ‘Fundamental human rights and mutual dignity are both self-evident and fragile. We look forward to reflecting and debating together with our educational partners on the core themes of Multatuli's work: democracy, freedom and peace,’ said chairman Richard Oppelaar.

Jorrit Snijder, president of the BUas Executive Board: ‘Within our international degree programmes we allow our students to engage in learning, research and entrepreneurship. We want to show that the past is a rich source of lessons learned about fairness, honesty and openness. We think it is important to keep discussing these issues.’