Leadership Day at BUas: a day of creating meaningful experiences

The brand-new community values model came to life during the BUas leadership programme on Tuesday 2 July 2024. 

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A total of 44 participants joined in for a programme focusing on How we work and What drives our behaviour within BUas. The day kicked off with a plenary session in which participants could take control and intervene in theatre scenes. Actors from MAEK Academy acted out recognisable work situations with scenes on giving feedback, social safety, cross-domain working, and the BUas+ change processes. It sparked both recognisable moments of laughter and serious discussions about treating each other with respect, daring to address each other constructively, and working together in teams in accordance with the BUas guiding operational principles.

After a short break, participants continued in subgroups for peer review, delving deeper into specific cases. This proved to be an instructive part of the day.

The afternoon focused on the value of ‘caring for each other, caring for the environment and a sense of pride’. The BUas leaders got to work themselves volunteering at different locations. One group helped at children's farm De Sik in the Haagse Beemden where they did odd jobs and planted a vegetable garden. Another group visited PCP Football Club, which not only plays sports but currently also hosts refugees. Their sports canteen and playing fields were given a good spruce-up. The last two groups went to residential care centres Molenstaete (Surplus) and De Leystroom, part of Egala Zorg, where time was spent with elderly people with dementia. They baked apple pie and cake together in the kitchen, while another group took a walk to Brabantplein to enjoy soft-serve ice cream. 

These activities provided valuable experiences and special encounters, strengthening the sense of community. Not only between BUas participants themselves but also with the people of the organisations that were visited. It was a day full of meaningful interactions and practical contributions to society.

Our thanks go to Betrokken Ondernemers Breda and the staff of the four foundations who helped make this day possible.