How does BUas adapt to a changing world?

During the opening of the academic year, it was all about our strategic focus and change: the world is changing, students are changing and so BUas had to change as well. Including a new pay-off.

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The opening of the academic year on 12 September 2023 started with ‘Rise up’, a song performed by third year Media student Kyanni Atmopawiro.

How does BUas anticipate change?

Jorrit Snijder, President of the BUas Executive Board] addressed the changes in the world. Climate change, the disruptive side of artificial intelligence and the political climate around internationalisation all have influence on our students, staff and education.

BUas is speeding up to become BUas+ to be future proof. The question that concerns Jorrit is whether we are sufficiently capable of anticipating all these major changes forcefully enough? Are we able to adapt ourselves quickly enough? The quality of our education in the future will increasingly be determined by the extent to which we are able to respond to opportunities and challenges.

But to better anticipate change in the future, we will have to work together more intensively and connect with each other better, Jorrit told the audience.

The BUas strategy is clear and confirmed by our staff and stakeholders, and is built on a solid foundation with joint values that go back years. Within that + strategy we have to focus this academic year. Priority first! We focus on:

  1. Implementing the Education+ programme
  2. Developing and implementing two BUas wide transversal themes: ‘AI’ and ‘Climate change’
  3. Internationalisation and student and staff well-being

To achieve this, we know that we can rely on the BUas professionals and teams

Keynote: “How can BUas be a catalyst of transitions?”

In his keynote, Tony Bosma, the founder of Extend Limits and BUas Advisory Board member of Creative Business, also talked about changes. The top international futurist gave a dynamic presentation in which he presented a range of trends: artificial intelligence, technological developments, sustainability, trends in logistics and built environment.

Several times during his keynote, Tony interacted with a panel of students and a researcher, asking them questions like “How can BUas be a catalyst of transitions?” and “Generation Z: boomers, green fakers or bloomers… what do you think?”

He talked about the mindset for BUas students: “the idealism of a resistance hero, the ambition of a start-up founder, the critical thinking of a scientist, the modesty of a monk, the resilience of an athlete?”

A new pay-off and a new corporate video

Because the world is changing, and BUas is changing as well, our pay-off “Discover Your World” has become too limited. After all, we are not only Discovering together, we strive to shape society and be meaningful. That is why Jorrit presented the new corporate video which concluded with the new BUas pay-off: Creating Meaningful Experiences.