BUas student numbers keep growing

BUas student numbers are growing despite slight decrease for HBO in the Netherlands. The Vereniging Hogescholen (Dutch Association of Universities of Applied Sciences) issued a press release on Friday with the provisional total enrolment numbers of new HBO (Dutch abbreviation of ‘higher professional education’) students.

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On a national level, the intake as of 1 October 2023 for the bachelor’s programmes has decreased slightly (-0.3%) compared to the previous academic year. Enrolments for master's programmes show a clear increase of 7%. Associate degree programmes have seen a significant increase in enrolments of 21%. New enrolments of international students into HBO have increased by 3%. 

Even though there is a slight decline nationally, the number of students in the BUas bachelor's programmes is growing by more than 3%. On balance, growth is being recorded amidst a mix of increased and decreased enrolment numbers for the various BUas programmes: : Ba Tourism has decreased by 7% but Ad Tourism has increased by 9%. The Ba Built Environment has dropped sharply by 21% and the Ba Data Science & Artificial Intelligence has grown by 98%.

The number of BUas master's degree students has remained the same, while BUas is aiming for growth. The number of incoming VWO (pre-university education) students has increased by 6% and amounts to approximately 8% of the total new student population. At BUas, the total number of new international students has grown by 6%, as against a 3% growth rate for the Netherlands as a whole.