Activities Innovation Square

Renting workspace

The idea behind Innovation Square is working together and sharing knowledge. If your activities match those of BUas, you can rent an office or flexible workspace with us. Our young talents can work with you on a placement or project and you can make use of the expertise of the other companies located at Innovation Square. 


Send a message to and we will tell you all about the possibilities! 

Joining our community

By means of events, partnerships, projects, workshops and webinars, our community connects education with organisations within Innovation Sqauare, such as Logistics Community Brabant (Dutch) and CELTH, but also outside, such as REWIN West-Brabant and Breda Municipality.  

Want to know how it works? 

Just send a message to and we will tell you how you can join us! 

Sharing your knowledge with our start-ups

Innovation Square is home to an ambitious Start-Up Community. This is a group of driven students who are coached in setting up and growing their businesses. The Entrepreneurship Team helps these enthusiastic students through training courses, workshops and lectures.  

We would be happy to bring our start-ups into contact with you as an entrepreneur! 

Just send a message to if you want to share your knowledge.


Organising your event at Innovation Square

We share knowledge in various ways. One of them is to be a stage for events. Here too we check if the theme matches the activities of BUas and the disciplines in which we specialise. As a member of the community, you can take part in the events organised at Innovation Square. 

Do you want to host your event at Innovation Square?

Feel free to send a message to and we will explain the possibilities to you!