Innovation Square

Do you get energy from being around entrepreneurs and ambitious young people? Are you open to new ideas? Do you enjoy working together with students, researchers and professionals in your field? At Innovation Square you can brainstorm, work flexibly, and accomplish the most inspiring projects or events. 

The perfect environment

Accommodating a rich variety of start-ups, young professionals, (placement) students working for training companies, enterprising researchers and researching entrepreneurs, this is the perfect environment to share knowledge and experience!

A strong concept

A strong connection with essential industry partners and innovative capacity are needed to be able to provide high-quality education. That is why, in interaction with the industry, we encourage creativity and innovative thinking in all sorts of ways. 

We achieve all this by bringing everything together at Innovation Square. This is where we encourage our students, lecturers and researchers to explore new opportunities, engage in entrepreneurship, and seek cooperation with the industry. The innovative and creative entrepreneurs we bring in, make up the backbone of this concept. What can you do? 

For businesses and students

Renting workspace

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Joining our community

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Sharing your knowledge with our start-ups

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Organising your event at Innovation Square

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