Vision and Terms

As a member of the SDG Community, BUas has signed up to SDG Netherlands vision and terms.


BUas has endorsed the new SDG Netherlands vision:

  • In unprecedented international unity, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015 by all countries of the United Nations, with input from countless private and public organizations and citizens worldwide. 
  • The SDGs form a common agenda for a resilient and sustainable world by 2030, where economic, ecological and social values are in balance, with the common thread: leave no one behind. 
  • They form an integral agenda, with local, national and international dimensions. They offer a future perspective that connects private and public organizations and citizens. 
  • We are the first generation to have the resources to make this world come true and the last generation to prevent further irreversible negative changes. We all need each other for this: private and public organizations and citizens. 
  • We will maximize our own positive contributions to the SDGs and minimize our negative contributions, at home and abroad, and we will be transparent about that. 
  • We can strengthen each other by working together. As SDG Netherlands, we can tackle shared problems and opportunities together and determine our joint strategy. 
  • We come from various angles and it is precisely cooperation across borders that makes us strong and innovative: companies, social organizations, young people, the financial sector, central government and local authorities, education, knowledge institutions, philanthropists and citizens (as consumers, employees, parents, etc. ). 
  • We are individuals or we represent organizations based in the Netherlands, but we can contribute to the SDGs in the Netherlands and abroad. We can cooperate with similar initiatives in other countries. 
  • The SDGs are from, for and by all of us. Nobody can be left behind. We call on everyone to participate. ​​​​​​​


BUas has agreed, as an organisation, to adhere to the following terms:

  • We endorse the SDG Netherlands vision and our actions show this. 
  • We include the SDGs in our annual report, annual plan and / or our long-term strategy. 
  • We adhere to the relevant normative guidelines, principles and agreements that apply in our industry. 
  • We share in the SDG community what we are doing on the SDGs, in accordance with the vision, and what our "commitments" are, for transparency and inspiration. 
  • For sector organizations: we promote the SDGs among our members or partners and make their contributions to the SDGs transparent in addition to our own contribution (as far as possible). 

What we strive for

  • We show that we endorse, work and collaborate on the SDGs by including the SDG logo on our website and referring to to show that we have a broad SDG movement. 
  • We embed the SDGs within our organization. For example, by including SDGs in the mission, strategy, personnel policy (in personnel advertisements, in performance appraisals), in internal operations (less travel, more circularity, etc.), in tenders/tenders, such as with an SDG assessment (the government is already working with an SDG test.) 
  • We work together on the SDGs. We actively seek partners, including across industry boundaries, or we find each other within the SDG Alliances, and/or we contribute to the joint strategy: the SDG Roadmap. 
  • We are strengthening our SDG Netherlands network. For example, by contributing information to the website, guiding new partners, participating in peer reviews, organizing a workshop on SDG Action Day and participating in partner meetings. 
  • We are improving the way we report on and measure the impact of the SDGs. 
  • We communicate about the SDGs. For example, in presentations at work and in the network, or externally, such as at schools, by becoming an SDG speaker and/or we show with our behavior that things can be done differently, at work and at home.