All together at the brand new campus

More than 50 years ago our degree programmes were spread across different buildings in Breda (and in the very beginning, in Tilburg too). In January we all came together at the brand new Hopmansstraat campus.


Some of it is already familiar to us, of course, because that’s where NHTV was situated since 1994 in a new building (the N-building) and in a former mavo school (the H-building). 

But now the convent opposite those buildings also belongs to us. In the past few years, all buildings on the campus were extensively renovated. The surrounding grounds were also involved in the project. You probably won’t recognise the place any more. Parking spaces were moved to the edges of the premises, leaving the three buildings in a tranquil, leafy, park-style setting.

All in all, the campus has become a stylish, wonderful environment to study, work, meet and cooperate. 

The latter is best manifested in the former H-building, where Leisure & Events is situated now. Students and staff there work together in open-plan areas.