It is not a 9-to-5 job.

Ilse is educationalist & assessment expert.

Life before Breda University of Applied Sciences

Ilse has always been an educationalist. After PABO (teacher training college) she studied Educational Science at Leiden University. Once she had earned her master’s degree, she started her career in defence. Six years later she was ready for the next step and heard from a friend that BUas was looking for an educationalist. The rest is history, you might say. Meanwhile, Ilse has been working at BUas for more than 19 years.

It can be hard work at times, but you have a lot of freedom and you work within a close-knit organisation.

Ilse Kröse

Educationalist & assessment expert

Journey at BUas

The work as an educationalist is never boring. Education is changing all the time and you can be a great help to lecturers and support staff. She works at the Academy for Leisure and, for several years now, also at the Academy for Hotel & Facility and the Academy for Tourism. She also temporarily worked in the Strategy, Education & Research (SER) office a few years ago. In addition to educationalist, she is also an assessment expert and she recently started at the Exam Centre. This team is part of the Educational Office. Here she is involved with online and offline testing and assessment, operating across all academy boundaries. 

Working at BUas 

She knows many colleagues who also started working at BUas in 2002. ‘What’s really nice, is that I’ve been working together with the same people for a long time. I think it’s a wonderful and close-knit organisation to work for. We also regularly get together outside BUas.’ In her position she experiences a lot of freedom to do her own work, which allows her to stay close to her talents. The work as an educationalist is diverse, and you are involved in many different fields. It is not, however, a 9-to-5 job. You have to be able to deal with peak workloads and it can be hard work at times, but we have a strong team with a good collegial atmosphere. This makes all the difference.