Urban Mobility Planning

ProfessorPaul van de Coevering, PhD
Research topic: research on the interaction between the built environment and mobility


The overarching aim of this professorship is to contribute to vibrant, accessible and sustainable urban areas by optimising multimodal accessibility as well as the integration between land use and transportation.

Despite increasing efforts regarding knowledge valorisation, a significant gap between knowledge development and policy practice remains. Urban Mobility Planning bridges this gap by bringing cutting- edge knowledge and innovation to the policy-making table. The professorship is a collaboration between Breda University of Applied Sciences and the province of Noord-Brabant.

Integrative and data driven

The professorship takes an integrative approach and connects knowledge of transport engineering, urban planning and urban design. Accessibility-based planning is a cornerstone of our work and is used to analyse network performance for all modes of transport (bicycle, public transport, car and shared services) and to identify the best locations for housing, retail and business. Our work can be characterised as data driven, with an emphasis on the translation of empirical (BIG) data into policy- relevant information. 

Innovative research and education

Our research output encompasses data-driven projects, such as ‘Multimodal Brabant’ and ‘Measurement Weeks Breda‘, which translate big data into knowledge for policy development. Furthermore, data analysis tools and data dashboards for cycling, such as ‘CyclePRINT’ have been developed. To enhance the integration of built environment and transportation, we developed the Bicycle-Oriented Development (BOD) concept which takes bicycle accessibility towards public transport nodes and important destinations as a starting point for new urban development. We recently started the ‘Mobility and Urbanisation’ learning community to strengthen knowledge exchange with our curriculum and empower our ‘Fresh Brains’ (students) to bring new perspectives to the industry and shake up the status quo.

The professorship of Urban Mobility Planning is closely linked to the professorships of Smart Cities and Logistics

The research team:

  • Paul van de Coevering
  • Elly Khademi
  • Joost de Kruijf
  • Geert de Leeuw
  • Danielle Mourits
  • Ineke Spapé
  • Lisette Hoeke