Van Gogh Storysperience

This research project helps Van Gogh Brabant in the redesign of three visitor centers across the province by providing insights into potential visitors' experiences with narrative presentation.

To gather research data, we produced four 6-minute videos detailing Vincent van Gogh’s life in Brabant: two videos presented factual information, while the other two employed storytelling techniques to evoke emotions. The research team utilized various methods including brain research, questionnaires, and memory interviews to compare the impact of these two video types on viewers' experiences.

In our experience lab, 42 participants viewed two of these videos. Brain research revealed that storytelling videos lead to more attention compared to factual presentations. Questionnaire responses indicated a significant increase in participants feeling deeply engaged with the stories presented through storytelling techniques. Additionally, participants exhibited more detailed and vivid memories of these videos, and they reported a stronger identification with Vincent, particularly with his brother Theo.

This means that videos with storytelling elements are better in maintaining visitor's attention than videos with only factual information.


What is the timeline of this project? 

2018 - present


Who are our funding partners?


Who is our main collaborating partner?

Van Gogh Brabant


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