Storytelling Hanzesteden

This project applies storytelling to enhance the branding and the visitor experience of the 9 Hanze cities in the Netherlands.

Hanzesteden Marketing asked us to create the “story of the Hanze” for the branding of, and the visitor experience within the 9 Hanze cities.  We did extensive research into the history, DNA, and current (tourism) experience in the Hanze cities.

We found that the Hanze (a medieval, international “network” of merchants and cities) was never officially concluded and, as such, is still very much alive through the entrepreneurial spirit of people (involved in tourism) in the 9 cities. This led to the storytelling concept: Leven-de-Hanze! i.e. (Long) Live-the-Hanze! The overarching story we developed connects Hanze-past to Hanze-present and is translated into an animation for the various local museums.  On a local level, we proposed to present the story of a “Hanzeaat” from the past (i.e. a merchant) to that of a “Hanzeaat” from the present (i.e. a shopkeeper) as double portraits. We developed the Hanze-web, a branding instrument that helps in the selection and creation of these local stories.


August 2019 – January 2020


Province of Gelderland; Hanzesteden Marketing


Hanzesteden Marketing


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