Self-driving transportation in Drimmelen

Emotional experience of passengers on a self-driving bus.

The migration of (mainly young) people to cities has decreased the use of public transport in rural areas. Self-driving vehicles can replace some of the costly human-driven public buses. 

The centre of the village of Drimmelen is currently accessible by public transport with a local bus. The trial with the self-driving vehicle was the first on public roads with unlimited mixed traffic in the Netherlands. The role of the Experience Lab was to measure passengers' emotional experiences during the test drive. We used questionnaires as well as wearables which measure skin conductance and heart rate. With GPS recording of location, these data allowed us to make emotion maps and animations showing where, and at which speed of movement, participants experienced the most intense emotion.

August 2019

The Future Mobility Network

Project Partners
Future Mobility Network,TU Delft CITG, Province of Brabant, Municipality of Drimmelen, Arriva Nederland, Spring Innovation Management

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