Fieldlab Events

Data collection for insight into visitor dynamics at events.

One of the sectors hit hardest by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the events sector. COVID-19 is spread by contact between individuals. Events are potential situations where there are high levels of interpersonal contact.

Historically, sports, religious, music and other large-scale events have been the source of infectious diseases that have spread worldwide. However, not organising events is not a sustainable situation from a social and economic perspective. Little is known about the actual amount of contact between visitors and the influence of visitor dynamics during an event and about the associated risks.

The aim of this research is to collect data and insights about visitor dynamics at events. With these insights we wish to contribute to the preparation of an alternative set of measures that can serve as a possible replacement for existing measures. As a result, it will be possible to organise events during a pandemic in a safe and responsible manner. 


1 January – 20 July 2021


CLICKNL, Bureau Franken and Mojo.

Main collaborating partner

LCB, Radboud Universiteit & TU Delft

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