Measuring Emotions & Experiences

Do emotions tell us anything about how we remember an experience? And how well and precisely do we remember the emotions we are experiencing?

The leisure industry is an economy of experiences. As a leisure or tourism organisation you want the experience you are offering to be remembered, so visitors share the experience with friends or want to relive it once again. In other words, the experience should be memorable.

During an experience (a holiday, a visit to an attraction park or museum), all sorts of emotions are being experienced. The flux of these emotions (strong to weak) is a contributing factor as to how people remember an experience. If there is no emotion involved in an experience, it is likely be forgotten soon.

This PhD research explores how exactly emotions contribute to the memorability of experiences, and what pattern of emotions influences it. To be able to measure emotions, state-of-the-art research methods are used from the Experience Lab, such as brain research (EEG) and skin conductance.


Tilburg University


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