The project tries to promote social inclusion by engaging different groups of young adults in a variety of cultural activities.

Cultural activities such as visiting a museum or attending a theatre show more often act as a marker of social boundaries than as an invitation for social interaction. To reverse the resulting social fragmentation, members of separate ‘bubbles’ have to share time, place, content, and experience.

For cultural activities, this means bringing in as well as emotionally engaging both frequent and infrequent visitors in joint experiences. In this project we measured how frequent and infrequent young adult visitors experience cultural activities, as well as their overall post-experience evaluations. Measuring experiences of participants both inside and outside the cultural ‘bubble’ is needed to understand a) how social group membership affects emotional engagement and b) how to develop policy to promote social interaction and to broaden social inclusion amongst young people.


2018 - 2019

Collaborating partners

Tilburg University, Stichting Cultuurmarketing, Theaters Tilburg en Rotterdam, Museum Groningen


NWO Nationale Wetenschapsagenda, Onderzoek op Routes door Consortia (ORC)


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