Digital Realities as Key Technology for Socio-Economic Transitions

Digital Realities are smart and interactive digital environments that integrate seamlessly with data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modelling simulation, and game and media technologies such as virtual reality.

These innovative technologies are already being used in many fields, but there is a need for cross-disciplinary theories, methodologies and tools. That is why the SPRONG-groep DIGIREAL-XL is building a Research, Development & Innovation centre, with the central theme of Digital Realities for socio-economic impact. 

The SPRONG-groep, consisting among others of Breda University of Applied Sciences and Fontys Hogescholen, regards Digital Realities as an integrated socio-technical concept and is working on their effective and efficient development and production in an intersectoral and cross-disciplinary network. This network consists of, for instance, MindLabs, public-sector stakeholders, field labs, and network organisations such as Digishape and Chronosphere.


1 January 2022 – 1 January 2026








Collaborating partners: Mindlabs, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg University

Other partners: Provincie Noord-Brabant, Digishape, Chronosphere/4DR Studios, Logistics Community Brabant (LCB), Sparc, Roe Visual Europe BV, Enversed, Reblika, Flooid, Stichting Effenaar Smart Venue, Bibliotheek Midden Brabant / Lochal, Woo-Hah Festival O13 Poppodium, Argaleo, De Efteling BV, Festival Roadburn, Gemeente Tilburg, Digital Twin Academy.