Testimonials pre-master Strategic Business Management and Marketing

You'll go in-depth

I applied for the SBM programme searching for a new challenge and wanting to obtain more knowledge related to the field of business management and research. The programme did most definitely not disappoint me in this. 

In a personal learning environment with small classes and close ties with your teachers, you’ll go
in-depth on a wide variety of topics. The diversity in courses will help you in deciding your follow-up master, but also give you already an advantage in the professional field as you get familiar with a wide variety of aspects within business management such as e-business, marketing, and leadership. Furthermore, you will work on your research skills, which helps you in writing your thesis. The expected level for the thesis is high but the different teachers attached to the pre-master will provide you with good feedback and support. The thesis is much more academic than the thesis you would write for a regular HBO bachelor programme. I have no doubt how valuable the experience I gained writing this thesis is going to be when I will write my master thesis next year. 

The programme is demanding and you have to be committed to get through it. If you are, you will be rewarded with professional knowledge useful for the rest of your career, a way into a master of science programme, the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this master, and an achievement of which you can, and will, be very proud of! 

Marjolijn Franssen
SBM student 2018-2019


It was an intense year

During the third year of my International Hotel Management education I realised that I wanted to reach for more than the bachelor’s degree. That is why I decided to apply for the Strategic Business Management & Marketing Pre-Master programme.
It was a very intense year full of hard work, but I would make the same decision again if I had to.The knowledge gained during this pre-master functions as the bridge between my bachelor’s and master’s degree. The wide variety of subjects helped me to further explore my interests and to select a master that fits these interests. Of course, no pain no gain! Please do absolutely not underestimate the program. SBM demands a lot and you have to be willing to (partly) sacrifice your social life. However, you are with twenty other students, all in the same situation, and believe me, you will make friends for life.

Hence, my advice is to use this opportunity to develop your academic skills and yourself. So go for it, and you will be throwing your square cap too!

Larissa Wijnen,
SBM student 2018-2019


Just go for it

Honestly, when I started the SBM-programme, I was kinda frightened. An academic pre-master? Wow.
I was pretty unsure about whether I could actually pull this off. But you know – probably just like you –
I was a very ambitious student and had so many hopes and dreams. For that reason I just went for it. And I went for it like crazy.  Because deep down, I knew that without SBM, I wouldn’t be able to reach my full potential. 

And well, it turned out be an amazing experience, one that has undoubtedly been too good to miss. Yes, it’s gonna be an awful lot of work. And yes, you won’t see your friends that often. But in the end, I would have made the same decision over and over again. The challenge is what drives you forward. Are you an eager to learn? Do you not easily take things for granted? Are you intrinsically motivated to take your personal development to the next step in order to become a successful individual? Then this is the programme for you! SBM enabled me to further exploit my talents and as well provided me the foundation necessary to succeed in my subsequent MSc and future career. 

During SBM, you will learn more about your personality traits and abilities than during your entire three years of prior study. Not to mention the amount of knowledge that you will absorb, on areas like management, marketing and research. SBM’s got some great teachers that are 100% dedicated to helping you succeed. And importantly, I made a friend for life there. Just go for it. You won’t ever regret it. Good luck!

Mark van Oosten
SBM student 2017-2018