Application procedure Pre-master Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM)

Application procedure

To start on the Strategic Business Management and Marketing programme, you need to be selected. 

The selection procedure is as follows:

  1. Send a well-motivated application letter (1), with CV and recent photograph (2), and full result list (3) to Laurent Snoeckx (SBM Programme Manager). You can send your letter by e-mail (or postal mail) to
  2. In your CV, please state your current contact details, your previous education, your third-year placement, experience abroad (if any) and your command of languages.
  3. Based on the letters, applicants will be invited for an intake interview. In this interview, we will examine your motivation for this graduation track and your academic results.
  4. After the intake interviews, personal appointments will be made for the purpose of the assessment and selection. Deadline: as soon as the selection limit of 30 students is reached.

    After you have been granted access by the programme manager:
  5. Current BUas students:
    If you are currently studying at BUas please re-enroll via Studielink for your current course.
  6. Other students:                                          
    You have to apply through Studielink, register for Tourism Management (English-taught) and submit your email confirmation for the pre-master Strategic Business Management and Marketing. When applying choose at the field 'start as' for 'advanced-year'.
  7. Once your selection for the Strategic Business Management and Marketing programme is confirmed, further practical information will be sent to you via email by the SBM secretary.