Special features Built Environment

Design your own profile

In your second year you will start developing your own individual profile alongside your specialisation area. You will fine-tune your own role in projects by broadening or deepening your knowledge of Built Environment. You will take part, for instance, in research projects of the academy or you opt for specific courses. In-depth study of subjects such as philosophy, sociology, 3D design, Virtual Reality, traffic modelling or self-driving cars will help you enrich your individual profile.


With these specific knowledge and skills you will be capable of creating better solutions and designs, which you present in a professional manner, and which you can use to demonstrate your own personal and professional development.  

This ‘demonstrating’ is done in a portfolio – a purposeful collection of student work that clearly reflects the student’s personal, professional and graduation profile. The portfolio is a perfect tool for you, your lecturers and your mentor to monitor your academic progress and plan the next steps necessary for your development. 

This is life!

Project work will be a frequent activity during your Built Environment studies. Based on assignments received from the industry, students (in groups) create concrete plans. These assignments can be complex, because of the many different parties and interests involved. Just think of municipal authorities, property developers, societal organisations and – last but not least – local residents. For these parties you will work on the assignment over a longer period (maximum one semester) in a learning community.

Learning community

A learning community is a long-term collaborative arrangement between students, lecturers, researchers and industry professionals, where knowledge is exchanged and everyone learns from each other. You will be immersed in the world of work, where you will try to come up with innovative, on-the-job solutions while being based at a municipal office or a company. 


BUas works together with the Altena municipality, the municipality of Tilburg, and Urban Living Lab Breda. For these three parties we work on concrete issues within the learning pathway of Sustainability & Liveability. Just think of sustainable agriculture, climate adaptation, sustainable energy, promoting slow traffic modes, and improving neighbourhood liveability through resident involvement. As a student, you will work on concrete plans, maps, tools and recommendations.