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Our assignment is to write a report to help the city improve the quantity of overnight tourism stays.



“It is 12 noon, I’m in a Financial Management class. It is a two-hour class, but thankfully we have a short break halfway through to get something to drink or eat. Most people are not huge fans of Finance, but I don’t really have any problems with it, because I took M&O (business economics) in secondary school. We mainly do practice assignments which we discuss afterwards. A good way to practise applying the theory. We are working on a case and receive assignments every week which are related to the same company. We are taught about Finance, so that when we are business managers in the future, we will actually understand the financial reports presented to us. It’s not about accountancy; we are not expected to compile such extensive reports ourselves in our future careers.

14:00; time for another class, Stakeholder Network Dynamics this time. We have to present our own Stakeholder Network Model of a company in Breda and we receive feedback from the lecturer, so that we can improve our model and use it in the report that we have to submit for assessment at the end of the term. Our assignment is to write a report to help the city improve the quantity of overnight tourism stays. We do so by means of the stakeholders our persona comes into contact with (before, during and after their stay).

15:30; class is over, it’s weekend! Tomorrow we have the day off. Once I’m home, I have some studying, laundry work and vacuuming to do and then I have time to watch a film with a housemate. We’re going to eat a gnocci dish with all the students in our house this evening, and the groceries still have to be done. We will also bring some beer, because it’s Thursday after all! We are meeting some friends to go out in the city tonight and doing pre-drinks at someone’s house. Luckily we don’t have any classes tomorrow!”

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I recommend everyone to join the field trip!


Everyone from our class went to Spanish Andalusia, which made it all the more fun! The reason that I went on a field trip is the sociable atmosphere and the new people from other classes that you get to know. When I signed up, I didn’t know we were going to Andalusia. This was a nice side effect, because I have a great passion for the Spanish culture and the Spanish language.

During this five-day trip, we also had to do an oral exam for the ‘Lab Skills’ course. This took the form of a tour of a certain area and of the sights in one of the cities we were going to visit. We did the tour in groups of about four persons.

I very much enjoyed this trip, with everyone from my year, and what’s more, the lecturers were very nice too. During the trip I learned a lot about the culture in the Andalusia region and got to taste some delicious Spanish food and drinks. If I had the chance to do this again, I would definitely do so! It was an unforgettable experience for me, which I can enjoy for the rest of my study years, but also afterwards. We had such wonderful, but also hilarious moments with each other. Regardless of what destination you are going to, I recommend everyone to join the field trip!”