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The guided tours have really broadened our view of the different types of hotels and their operations



“The Berlin city trip was my first acquaintance with the hospitality industry being a first-year student. Berlin is a great city, with a lot of history. It is the perfect city to explore as a hotel student, since there is a big variety of hotels and a high hotel density. While focusing on the hospitality industry here, I got to know my fellow students and lecturers even better. I had the honour of being asked to participate in the management team of the Berlin city trip, which I surely did. This team was responsible for arranging a lot before taking off. Just think of attendance, payments, regulations, bus lists and diverse groups for diverse activities.

At the first hotel visit we used a banqueting room, where the main assignment, the Urban Safari, was introduced. Afterwards, one of our lecturers gave a lecture there. Lastly, the banqueting division provided us with a really nice lunch.
During the remaining days we had several meetings with everybody, where we had a sub-assignment. In a new, different group, we visited a couple of arranged guided tours in diverse hotels. As a part of the management team, I had arranged that everything went smoothly, from forming groups to guiding them. The guided tours really broadened our view of the different kinds of hotels and their operations.

The remaining spare time during these days could be used for finishing the Urban Safari, exploring the city, or visiting hotels. I opted for the last and visited the most prestigious hotels with some international students, who became my friends, to ask some questions. We visited the Adlon Kempinski hotel, Hotel du Rhône and The Ritz Carlton Hotel. This was the best experience we had, because we didn’t know what to expect. Would these big, expensive, prestigious hotels make time to answer questions of a first-year hotel student? The answer is: YES. Written with capital letters because The Ritz Carlton for example, treated us as if we were their guests. The doorman was truly amazing; friendly, informative and wanted to make a selfie with us. We talked to the concierge, and even arranged a small guided tour!”

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Whatever destination you choose for your placement, it will always be the most amazing time of your study career!



“My placement was with the Hilton Resort & Spa, and DoubleTree by Hilton in Queenstown, New Zealand. I was part of the Sales & Marketing department, mainly focusing on the Conference & Events team. On a daily basis I did administration work, making event bookings in the system, creating proposals and contracts which we would send to clients, and I would help out with some financing and small planning jobs. I had no work experience and that was not a problem at all! The team at Hilton Queenstown was relaxed and willing to help me out any time.

So why Queenstown? If you love adventure and nature, this place is heaven. From May to September it’s snow season, so in the weekends I took my snowboard up to one of the ski resorts in the area. And in summertime, there is plenty of walks around the area to do. But don’t think it’s all about activity and adventure. The town is buzzing, and with all young expats that are living there, I could have a night out any day of the week! Not to forget all the great restaurants I visited or the wineries just outside of Queenstown that produce some of the world’s best Pinot Noir wines (because we ‘hotellos’ do love some good food and wine!).

So, I had the best time of my life in Queenstown, not only by living the good life, but also because of an amazing, warm, fun-loving team at the Hilton who taught me so much in only 6 months’ time. And whatever destination you choose for your placement, it will always be the most amazing time of your study career!”