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Want to be more involved, meet students, find new friends and have some fun? Connect with our community!

Student associations

BUas has several associations and clubs. They organise parties, sports and games activities, excursions and other events. Fun to participate, even more fun to help. For example, on the board, the web editorial team or a committee that organises activities. Nice for your CV!

Student associations

Student associations consist of students from different study backgrounds. In Breda, these are often students of BUas and Avans. 

The student associations listed: 

  • Phileas Fogg (several study programmes of BUas and Avans)
  • Maximus (several study programmes of BUas and Avans)
  • Xenia (Hotel & Facility)
  • ’t KAG (Facility & Hotel)

Study associations

A study association is related to a particular study programme and organises study-related activities. 

The BUas study associations listed: 

  • Dionysus (Games & Media)
  • BELO (Built Environment & Logistics)
  • SAB (Leisure & Events)
  • Otrium (Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies)
  • Pangea (Bachelor of Science Tourism)


Students and lecturers can start their own Club around a particular interest. Anyone can join, allowing you to get to know new people in a fun way. The language of communication is English.

Here are a few examples:

•    Arts & Crafts Club
•    Baking Club
•    Band Jam Club
•    Book Club
•   Chess Club
•   Cooking Club
•   Entrepreneurship Club
•   Gardening Club
•    Improv Theatre Club
•    Kaggle Club
•    LAN-isters Club  
•    Poetry Club
•    Role Playing Game Club
•    Running Club
•    Vintage Game Night Club
•    Volleyball Club

Other associations

Students can also find each other in a club or community context around a specific shared interest. 

A few examples in Breda:

  • Derde Akte, a theatre association for enthusiasts who want to be active on and behind the stage.
  • CSV Ichtus Breda, for students who want to inspire each other in the Christian faith.
  • BRESS (BREda Studenten Sports) and Studententennis Breda for sports enthusiasts.
  • Erasmus Student Network Breda (ESN), for international and exchange students, but also for Dutch students who like to connect with international students.

Sports at BUas

Do you love sports? At BRESS (Breda Student Sports), students are offered unlimited fitness workouts, group lessons, and indoor and outdoor sports at low prices. And after exercising, you can enjoy a drink at the sports bar. In addition, monthly (sports) events are organised for all members.

Want to know more? Go to the BRESS website.