A new campus

As of January 2020, all study domains of BUas will be located at one campus. Media and Games are the last two domains to join the rest on the new campus at the Mgr. Hopmansstraat in Breda.

BUas has developed an innovative learning and working environment in the form of a campus. The campus brings together all study domains in one location. The reconstructed convent forms the centerpiece of the campus. The historic charm of this beautiful building blends well with the two other buildings, Frontier Building and Ocean Building.

New location for Games & Media

Students and staff of the Games & Media domain - housed at Sibeliuslaan for the past 1.5 years - will relocate to the former N-building in January 2020. The DNA of Games & Media will shine through in the tailor-made interior, which comprises large TV screens, industrial glass facades and smart-looking communal areas. We expect the students don’t want to go home anymore because they will like it so much there!

Innovative learning community

The new campus will be an inspiring, international meeting place for students, staff and industry - filled with activities and dynamism, where it’s pleasant to spend time. The learning community will facilitate innovative education and business practices, as well as crossovers for both students and staff. This will be a good starting point for all research activities, which will be linked to the industry more easily.

We hope to see you soon

Will you come back to visit us? We hope you will return to the future campus to experience the innovative learning and working environment fully. You may come and deliver a guest lecture, tell our current students about your experiences in the industry, or just have lunch with your former classmates or lecturers. Don’t be a stranger and please share your experiences with us!