Discover our campus

Our campus exudes a look and feel  that is befitting of an international, state-of-the-art educational facility. An attractive blend of old and new!

Charming and inviting

The BUas campus is located just outside the city centre of Breda. With its many trees, broad walkways, sports fields, historical convent building and several stylishly renovated structures, the campus is a charming and inviting place. 

The campus is an inspiring meeting place for students, staff and industry. A dynamic community in which people enjoy spending time as well as sharing knowledge and experiences. Key values of our campus include transparency and openness, connecting people, sustainability, togetherness, and using technology and assets in the smartest possible way. As a result, the campus offers all its residents a safe and comfortable feeling, which is vital to the well-being of our community.  


Learning and working together

There are many opportunities to meet and inspire each other on campus, in project spaces, labs and studios, or just outside on a bench. Working together, even with students and lecturers from other programmes, is easy because everything is in one place. In this way, you can learn a lot from each other.

Time to relax

In the former convent you will find the library and a study and resource centre including silent areas. The Hotel domain's in-school training company can also be found here, as well as food courts and the Service Desk. Everywhere on campus you can find a bite to eat, a place to work in silence or to relax.

Room for creativity

Each study programme has its own project spaces, labs, workshops and studios where students and lecturers can work. There is also an on-campus Innovation Square which offers space to enterprising graduating students and start-ups. All the necessary facilities are present so nothing gets in the way of creativity!

Campus sports

Playing some football, table tennis, a game of chess. There are several sports and recreational facilities on campus for students and staff. Inside and outside. It is possible to produce radio shows and you can also make music in the Music Room!

3d tour

Take a virtual tour and discover what the campus has to offer.

Discover our campus