Associations, societies, clubs

Student associations are part and parcel of university life. BUas has several associations. See which ones and find one to your liking.

Student associations

BUas has several associations and clubs. They organise parties, sports and game activities, excursions and other events. Fun to join in, even more fun to help out. For example, on the board, as one of the web editors, or in a committee that organises activities. Looks great on your CV!

Student associations

The student associations consist of students from different study backgrounds. In Breda, this often involves students from BUas and Avans.   

The student associations listed: 

  • Phileas Fogg (various programmes of BUas and Avans)
  • Maximus (various programmes of BUas and Avans)
  • Xenia (Hotel & Facility)
  • ’t KAG (Facility & Hotel)

Study societies

Study societies are related to specific degree programmes and they organise several study-related activities. 

The study societies of BUas are:

  • Dionysus (Games & Media)
  • BELO (Built Environment & Logistics)
  • SAB (Leisure & Events)
  • Otrium (Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies)
  • Pangea (Bachelor of Science Tourism)


Under the header Clubs@BUas several student and lecturer initiatives are arising with regard to specific fields of interest. There’s a huge diversity and everyone can take part. The language of communication is English. 

Just to name a few: 

  • Vintage Game club
  • Cooking club
  • Life drawing club
  • Sushi club
  • Book club
  • Yoga club
  • Neurodiversity club
  • Band Jam club

Other associations

Students can also get connected as a group when it comes to specific interests they have in common.

A few examples in Breda:

  • Derde Akte, theatre group for enthusiasts who want to get active on and behind the stage.  
  • CSV Ichtus Breda, for students who want to inspire each other in the Christian faith.
  • BRESS (BREda Studenten Sport) for sports lovers.
  • Erasmus Student Network Breda (ESN), for international and exchange students, but also for Dutch students who’d like to get in touch with international students.