Crossroads Life changing stories 40-45

This project applied storytelling to connect World War II heritage (locations) in Brabant in view of the 75th commemoration of the liberation.

In 2015, Visit Brabant asked us to connect the different WWII heritage locations through storytelling.  We developed a narrative concept entitled “Crossroads. Life changing stories 40-45”, stories of individual people that one can relate to.

Then, in 2016, we developed a brand guide which explains storytelling guidelines. Then, in 2017-2018, Erfgoed Brabant and Brabant Remembers organized 15 meetings all over the province to collect personal WWII narratives. From over 600 narratives, together with a group of historians, we selected 75 narratives. Under our guidance, these 75 narratives were rewritten into Crossroads stories by some 30 different authors to appear in a book. We played an advisory role in the development of (digital and physical) experiences based on these stories. Examples are the STILLLEVENS exhibition, the Dilemma Maze, the AR-app. The aim of the Crossroads projects is to touch visitors and local people emotionally with personal stories from the past, and to offer new ways of engaging with these stories, especially for young people. 





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