Time-based performance feedback

How long does it take decision-makers to take action in the event of below-expectation performance? What reference points carry the most weight in decisions on implementing change?

This research explores developments in organisations such as educational institutions (hotel management schools) and hotels in the Netherlands. How do these organisations perform over a longer period of time and is their performance a driver for change?

This performance can be looked at within the timeline (history) of one’s own organisation. How did this organisation perform last year? And how did it perform 5 years ago? Through this timeline of performances, insights are gained, and patterns can be identified. This timeline can also be compared with that of other organisations.

The patterns of performances on the timeline (within one’s own organisation and their comparison with other organisations) can be drivers for an organisation to implement strategic changes. It may be assumed that if an organisation performs worse than in the preceding period, the ones making the decisions implement changes in their organisation faster and more substantially.


NWO Doctoral Grant for Teachers


Tilburg University


You can find more information on https://pure.buas.nl/en/persons/marina-brinkman-staneva/publications/