Smart City Monitor

Gaining real-time and long-term data-driven insight into visitor and traffic flows in inner cities of Breda and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Breda and 's-Hertogenbosch are working on more attractive, accessible, healthy and sustainable inner cities; dynamic environments, where people like to live, work, spend time and get more active.

The development of ’Smart Cities’ provides the opportunity to tackle the challenges towards these objectives. By developing smart tools that link, visualise and use data for development scenarios, data-driven insights about traffic flows towards the city centres will be obtained. In this project, the focus is on further developing existing innovations such as digital twins, and on analysing and illustrating the current and future situation of inner cities traffic flows under the effects of scenarios towards the goal of the policies.


2021 – 2023


This project is funded by the EU via the REACT-EU and OP-ZUID innovation programmes.



Main collaborating partners:

  • Municipalities of 's-Hertogenbosch and Breda
  • Jheroniumus Academy of Data Science (JADS)
  • Argaleo
  • Geodan

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