Optimising design of urban green

Nature reduces stress, so how can this effect be optimised in the design of urban green spaces?

Cities are environments in which people like to live and work. Yet, cities can also be stressful environments. Natural environments help people to relax.

So, it would be logical if we brought more nature into cities. Cities have always had green spaces (cemeteries, allotments, parks), but in present-day society many people are too busy and allow themselves too little time for going to a park. By better integrating natural elements into our everyday surroundings, nature is brought, as it were, to people instead of the other way round. In every street, for example there are some green spaces, whether it is a tree, flowerbed or hedge; forms of green spaces that people are likely to encounter in their daily lives (unawares).

This research studies how we can design green streets as well as possible, so that it helps people to relieve their daily urban stress as well as possible.


NWO Doctoral Grant for Teachers


TU Eindhoven


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