Double degree and Free movers

Double degree and Free movers

Besides degree programmes and exchange programmes Breda University of Applied Sciences offers a double degree programme and opportunities for free mover students to make their own arrangements.

Double degree

For more information on double degree programmes, please send an email to: (only for Haaga Helia students).

Free movers

Free mover students are 'non-degree' students, making their own arrangements. As a free mover student you are not involved in an Erasmus exchange programme or any other bilateral agreement and are required to pay a tuition fee at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

At the moment, free movers can only choose courses from Leisure & Events Management and Creative Business. A free mover is required to pay the institution fee (which is ‚ā¨12,500 for the academic year 2024-2025). When you stay for one semester you will have to pay the tuition fee for half a year. For more information, please check our tuition fee regulations (pdf). 

Free movers should contact the Exchange & Double Degree Programmes Coordinator ( before applying, stating the following details:

  • mention very clearly that they would like to come as free movers 
  • from which university they are coming
  • which programme they are doing at their home institution.