Special features Creative Business

In-house training company

Throughout the entire study programme, you will spend one day a week working in our own Production House for media students. Here, you will work on assignments and projects often secured from industry. Together with your fellow students, you work for example on developing a website, writing a communication plan, making a video or organising a media event.

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The BUas HUB

HUB is the campus entertainment network of Breda University of Applied Sciences. It is managed and run by students of the Creative Business programme and aims to serve the entire BUas community. For this reason, all BUas students and employees are invited to participate in creating interesting and engaging content through the various media available, just think of audio, visuals and text.

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Live-television production

In the final part of the second year, you will do a three-week training programme in live-television production at an exchange university overseas or in a studio in the Netherlands. You will have the opportunity of going to Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom or Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff in the United States. A professional, state-of-the-art television studio will be at your disposal.