Executive Board

The Executive Board is the competent authority of Breda University of Applied Sciences and is responsible for strategic policy and operational management. In addition, the Executive Board coordinates the management and the daily routine.

The members of the Executive Board are:

  • Jorrit Snijder (president)
  • Ingrid Timermans (member)

Official secretaries of the Executive Board are Jojanneke Hobert & Maarten Meewis (,

Jorrit Snijder Buas
Jorrit Snijder
Ingrid Timmermans
Ingrid Timmermans

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board monitors and oversees the policies of the Executive Board, the manner in which it runs the organisation and serves as a sounding board to the Executive Board. Furthermore, it makes decisions in accordance with the articles of association, approves or rejects proposals, and keeps itself updated on the latest developments in the fields of education, research, as well as organisational and operational management.

The members of the Supervisory Board are:

  • Mr E. van Lambaart, chair (General Director at Casino Austria AG)
  • Mr P.C.J. van Grinsven MA, deputy chair (CEO NL Startupbootcamp Innoleaps, The Talent Institute)
  • Mr V.W.J.A. van Stijn RA MGA, member 
  • Mrs. Y. van Mierlo, member (Algemeen directeur GRWRE Ergon and nieuwe Participatie bedrijf)
  • Prof. dr. Van Zoonen (Liesbet), member (Academic Director of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD cities)

Official secretary of the Supervisory Board is Maarten Meewis (