Terms of employment

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work!

Enjoying your work is important, as is having a healthy work-life balance. At Breda University of Applied Sciences you will be given a lot of freedom to organise your work as you see fit. You work in a small-scale and engaging environment. You will be given the time to further develop through courses or a study programme and taking part in conferences and symposia. This combined with a significant amount of leave, sports facilities and a green work environment certainly makes working at BUas a pleasant experience.

Here you can read more about our terms of employment.

Work, career and personal development

Working hours and leave days
Pleasure in the job… puts perfection in the work! Pleasure in your job is important, as is a good work-life balance. At
Breda University of Applied Sciences you will have a lot of freedom to organise your work as you see fit. In many cases, you can work part-time. You will discuss with your manager how you want to undertake your work and how you spread your working hours across the year. You can opt for a working week of 40, 38 or 36 hours (only applicable for non-teaching staff). In this way, you have influence on the distribution of your leave entitlements throughout the year. The number of leave days in full-time employment on the basis of a 40-hour working week is 10.5 weeks.

Work schedule
We offer you a flexible work schedule within the guidelines of the collective labour agreement. In addition to prescribing an 8-hour working day, this agreement also specifies that the leave days of teaching staff are linked to school holidays in principle. You can request dispensation from this principle in exceptional cases.

Learning Dutch language
We can imagine that you would like to learn the Dutch language.
BUas provides Dutch courses for internationals and their spouse/partner.

Salary and pension

End-of-year bonus
In addition to your salary, you will receive an annual end-of-year bonus of 8.3% (full 13th month). The holiday allowance amounts to 8% of the annual salary and is paid annually in May. If your performance is good, your salary will be increased every year by a standard amount until you reach the maximum of the final salary scale.

All employees of
Breda University of Applied Sciences participate in the ABP Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (General Pension Fund for Employees in the Public Sector). As a result, you will accrue entitlements to old-age, surviving dependants’ and disability pension. Breda University of Applied Sciences pays two-thirds of the pension contribution. You can have the pension you accrued with your previous employer taken over by the ABP. Advice on this matter and information on the procedure can be found at www.pensioenkijker.nl and on the ABP website. You will be registered as a participant of ABP by Breda University of Applied Sciences; you do not have to do anything yourself. You can find information on the ABP website under ‘Nieuwe baan’.

Fixed cost allowance
If you come to the Netherlands to work, you may face additional expenses: extraterritorial costs. The 30% Tax Facility allows employers to compensate their extraterritorial employees for expenses they incur in connection with the fact that they are working outside their home country. This is done by means of a fixed cost allowance of 30% of the wage.

Removal and furnishing expenses
In accordance with certain provisions as stated in the cao-hbo and in tax legislation, an employee is entitled to claim a contribution to removal and furnishing expenses (removal allowance). This allowance concerns expenses actually incurred, which is why receipts will have to be submitted. The claim amounts to a maximum of  €7,035, of which a maximum of  € 5,446 can be spent on home furnishing. The rest is destined for other direct or indirect costs incurred by moving house, such as the costs of moving furniture.
BUas has opted not to make a strict distinction between these two items. This division is just an indication. Travel expenses for moving house will be reimbursed separately and are not included in the amounts mentioned above.

International school
It is understandable that internationals prefer to send their children to an international school, but the costs of this are very high. That is why
BUas would like to accommodate its international employees by means of a scheme which involves tax benefits. Since May 2018 it is possible to make use of an exchange scheme for the tuition fees of your children who are attending an international school. International colleagues of BUas qualify for this scheme. Under this scheme, employees can exchange parts of their salary for a tax-exempt allowance for the purpose of paying the tuition fee of an international school. This means that there is a tax benefit for the employee concerned.


Health insurance
ou can participate in a group health insurance scheme through Zilveren Kruis Achmea or CZ. This is not compulsory though. You can also opt for another insurance company. Every employee receives a gross allowance for health insurance of EUR25 per month (based on full-time employment). Keep in mind that health insurance is obligated when you are working in The Netherlands.

Extra income insurance
Breda University of Applied Sciences
has taken out extra income insurance for its employees (Loyalis-IPAP). This insurance is free of charge for all employees and provides income protection up to 70% of your salary in the event of partial incapacity for work.

Discount on insurance policies
Breda University of Applied Sciences has made an agreement with Centraal Beheer Achmea which involves employees receiving discounts on insurance policies and other financial services.

Supplementary insurance
You can take out supplementary insurance with Loyalis to compensate for any shortfall arising from the Surviving Dependants Act. The Loyalis insurance package ties in with the ABP provisions. If you authorise Loyalis to do so, they can process information about your future income situation (pension, incapacity for work, surviving dependants) into what is called an inkomensvooruitblik (income preview) which will be sent to you annually.

Sustainability and vitality

Sustainability and vitality are specific concerns at
Breda University of Applied Sciences. For example, we have taken several measures to promote the use of environmentally friendly transport. If you cycle or walk to work, you will receive a monthly allowance from us. What’s more, we offer a tax-advantageous scheme for the purpose of buying a new bicycle. For commuting by public transport (train, bus, local public transport), you use a NS-Business Card. Second class travels by public transport will be fully (100%) reimbursed, including use of an OV-bike.

Being inspired, fit and healthy. These are key elements in the vitality policy of
Breda University of Applied Sciences. All employees benefit from this. A great deal of attention is paid to working conditions and an inspiring working environment. Breda University of Applied Sciences is affiliated with Arbo Unie in Breda. The occupational physician supervises employees with long-term illnesses and advises them and their managers on issues relating to return to work.

Confidential counsellors, identification and privacy

Confidential counsellors
Breda University of Applied Sciences 
aims to provide a study and work environment in which everyone treats each other with respect, in which everyone feels safe and in which staff and students are able to perform well. To ensure this situation is maintained and to take adequate action whenever necessary, Breda University of Applied Sciences has appointed confidential counsellors. For the purpose of dealing with complaints, Breda University of Applied Sciences is affiliated with an independent provincial committee (Stichting KOMM).

As an employer, we are obliged to include a copy of a valid identification document (passport, identification card, tourist card or aliens’ document) in your personnel file.

For the purpose of the central employee database, your data will be passed on to our IT Office. The data will only be used for internal purposes (creation of your smart card and registration with the Library). Under no circumstances will any information about private individuals be provided to third parties (including but not limited to colleagues) without the express consent of the individual concerned.

What’s more

If you have young children, you might want to know that
Breda University of Applied Sciences is obliged by the Dutch tax authority to contribute towards a certain portion of your childcare allowance. You will have to apply to the tax authorities for an allowance towards the costs of childcare. Moreover, Breda University of Applied Sciences also has a good removal allowance scheme.

Staff assocatiation
Breda University of Applied Sciences 
also has a staff association that organises fun activities for its employees and for which the contribution is only EUR5 per month. Participation is voluntary. 

Moving to The Netherlands

The visa procedure is an important part of the immigration process. It is the policy of the Dutch government to determine a person’s right to stay in the Netherlands before this person actually arrives. There are visas for short stays (less than 3 months) and special visas for people who intend to reside in the Netherlands for longer periods of time.
Breda University of Applied Sciences will help new internationals to apply for a visa. BUas is a recognised sponsor, which is why accelerated procedures are possible.

Where to live
Choosing where to live can give you a major headache if you do not know the area: the procedures may not be the same as you are used to and the information will be in a language you may not understand.
BUas has an agreement with a housing corporation in Breda which helps internationals find a place to live. When necessary, BUas will, of course, help you book a hotel room for the first nights.

Social Security Number
Most municipalities in the Netherlands require you to register in the population register. You also need to apply for a Social Security Number (BSN). This is a unique registration number for everyone who lives in the Netherlands and having it is necessary for lots of practical matters, such as opening a bank account, taking out insurance policies, receiving your salary or applying for benefits.
BUas will assist new international employees in registering in the municipality where they are going to live and to apply for a BSN.

Bank account
One of the first things you have to do after your arrival is opening a bank account.
Opening a bank account in the Netherlands will require some formalities and will not always be possible within the first days after your arrival. Make sure you have enough cash, a credit card, or access to a bank account in your home country. BUas will assist new international employees in opening a Dutch bank account.

Support for spouses
The HR Office regularly receives questions about support for partners/spouses of internationals in their search for work. Finding a job may help you ease into your new life in a new country. To provide support of this kind,
BUas has made agreements with Randstad (employment agency) and we can also bring an international into contact with the Expat Spouses Initiative.

Read more necessary information in our prospectus for expats.