Making sense of change

The role of employees’ mental maps in developing perspectives of organisational change in the Dutch travel industry.

Against the backdrop of worldwide technological, environmental, and societal developments, an essential task for organisational leadership is to manage change.

However, leading people in situations of change remains difficult. This project explores the development of employee perspectives on organisational change processes. We do so by focusing on the implicit, often unaware, mental schemas stored in the mind that can be activated by organisational change events. Mental schemas are beliefs and expectations based on employees’ prior experiences, which often form taken-for-granted templates for evaluating current situations.

By providing empirical studies based on different theoretical lenses that all concern the understanding of mental schemas following change processes in a distinct way, we provide new insights into the dynamics of such schemas over time. This knowledge helps management to better understand, and successfully lead, employees through organisational change processes.



Radboud University


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