Autonomous delivery robot on BUas campus in Breda

Autonomous delivery robot

Autonomous delivery robot tested at BUas campus.

Airlift systems, Future Mobility Network and BUas conducted a field test with an innovative autonomous and electric delivery robot. This pilot was initiated because of the national aim to create more sustainable and liveable cities, including the national aim to decrease logistics CO2 emissions in city centres by 2025 (Greendeal programme).

Given this situation we organised a practical trial to investigate technical performance, human behaviour and logistics use cases. At least 30 students from BUas, HR and HvA participated in field tests.

The field test was one of the first pilot projects with an autonomous delivery robot in a public environment. Our pilot project resulted in a wider discussion regarding ethics – an important issue when people come into contact with robots in the public domain – and regulations. The next step is to conduct a pilot project in a public and private collaboration.


28 September 2020 to 1 December 2020

Main collaborating partners 

Airlift Systems, The Future Mobility Network, City of Breda, LCB, Region of West-Brabant

More information

Pure: Research output - background summary pilot autonomous and electric delivery robot at BUas campus.


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