Logistics Research

The Netherlands is known for its logistic drive and innovations, which  is one of the most important sectors of  our economy. A lot of goods are imported or exported via rail, water and road through and from our country every day, distributed in cities and to personal addresses. 

Our research focuses on the optimisation of the supply chain in terms of physical, digital, and financial flows. In addition, we analyse how logistics can be organised more efficiently, for instance using innovative technologies, working together, but above all in an environmentally friendly way to achieve smart companies and smart cities. 

The modern supply chain is subject to fundamental changes. It is no longer bound to the optimisation of physical flows of goods from producers to customers. We are in the midst of  a system change towards fully integrated planning and management of goods, people, information and payment flows. At the same time, we must include sustainability, circularity, security and inclusion in our solutions.  

The research and innovation projects within our Logistics domain focus on:  

  1. Control Towers 

  1. Capacity Management  

  1. Intermodal Transport  

  1. Liveable and Smart City, a cross-over with our Built Environment research domain.  

We have a close relationship with the Logistics Community Brabant

Featured projects