Facility Research

Within the domain of Facility we focus on applied research that assists organizations and current and future professionals to innovate through designing and staging sustainable workplace experiences. We develop knowledge and innovative solutions for and together with industry that help shape future-proof workplaces.

Workplace experiences are critical success factors for any organization. Our research group contributes to knowledge and innovation in the field of Sustainable Workplace Experience Design. We conduct multi-disciplinary research that combines various research approaches to create future-proof solutions for real-life situations. All of our research activities contribute to the following key research areas:

Workplace experiences as a (local) catalyst for sustainable development 
Organizations, businesses and professionals face the challenge to address the experience economy and sustainable development simultaneously. Our research in this area focuses on (creating optimal contexts for) designing workplace experiences that answer to both developments.

(Technology enhanced) experiences for future-proof workplaces
We emphasize the role of technology as mediator in designing current and future workplace experiences. In our research we exploit cutting-edge technology to create and measure future-proof workplace concepts.

Design (thinking) methods for workplace experience design 
Redesign of workplace experiences is needed to deal with the increased complexity of industry and wider society. Through applying smart combinations of design methods we assist stakeholders in creating more meaningful and memorable experiences for employees.

Management education for sustainability 
Through developing new insights, methods and best practices, related to content and didactics, we contribute to ensuring that management education makes a significant contribution to a sustainable transformation of society.