Public Play Space

Explorative research that investigates how big groups of people can think about placemaking through games.

PUBLIC PLAY SPACE promotes co-design of public spaces, through the use of games and technologies. Participation in the design of the public space is recognized as fundamental to build inclusive, cohesive and sustainable public spaces.

With a growing interest in participation, it becomes important to explore new opportunities. Games have been proposed as a means of facilitating participatory to shape and support citizens’ interaction. This opens the debate on how technologies, can boost co-creation with respect to the design and space usage. This project will lead to the development of an online platform, a state-of-the-art catalogue, 3 capacity building workshops, 3 open game events, 3 exhibitions, a book and a symposium.


October 2019 - October 2020




Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalunya (IAAC, Spain), CLAC (Italy)


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Open game event Breda

The Open Game Event took place at the BUas campus in collaboration with the municipality of Breda.