Check your choice

To double check whether the study programme really suits you, you will take part in the study choice check or in the selection procedure. And there are some other options to check your choice.

Study choice check or selection

The study choice check or selection procedure is a perfect opportunity to check again whether you have made the right choice. Apart from an assessment - including a talk about its results, there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and to address mutual expectations.  

If you can’t wait until then, just check out Your Road to BUas to see if there are any activities you can participate in sooner. 


Study choice activities

Study choice activities will help you discover whether the programme you have applied for is a good match. As a part of these activities you can expect to receive an online questionnaire, questions regarding your motivation for choosing this programme, and an online web lecture including a test.

Based on these two activities, BUas will issue a recommendation. A positive recommendation would be great, of course, but if you have applied before 1 May, a non-positive recommendation will not be binding and you can still start your studies. 

Read more about it at the programme of your choice:  



Selection will help both you and BUas to discover whether we are a good match. The selection procedure differs per programme. Motivation is key, but certain skills will also be considered. 

Read more about it at the programme of your choice.