Vision and Strategy

Our mission is empowering young professionals on their journey to shape a better world. We pursue this by combining in-domain and cross-domain learning and research. Our learning communities enable students, industry partners, lecturers and researchers to work together on practical challenges for industry and society - thus blending education, applied research and impact.

What we stand for

Industry leaders 

Together with our students and experts, we seek to collaborate with international industry leaders. We work on quality education, research and innovation together with alumni, industry partners and international partners.

Fresh brains

We challenge our students to be innovative and seek collaborations outside their own fields of study. We train them to be critical and pragmatic thinkers, ready to face current challenges and those that lie ahead of us in a sustainable world.


In multidisciplinary learning communities, we encourage everyone to be entrepreneurial and explore  new opportunities. Our alumni work in established businesses or as successful entrepreneurs all over the world.

Global horizon

An open, inclusive and cross-cultural mindset enriches our international and diverse community. Students, lecturers and staff members cooperate in a positive, respectful and solution-oriented way.


We believe in small-scale education. We have an eye for each other and take a deep interest in each other’s activities and developments. Students work and develop in small groups and feel at home on our campus and in Breda.

Strategic plan

Please, check out the 2022- 2025 strategic plan: BUas+: more than a university of applied sciences (.pdf).

My personal +

Rick & BUas Pluzz

Rick Pardoel, Chief Strategy & Information Officer at DPD Netherlands

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Maria & BUas Pluzz

Maria Kubik is a Creative Business student from Poland.

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Liliya & BUas Pluzz

Liliya Terzieva from Bulgaria is a senior lecturer and PhD researcher at BUas.

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